Concerns About Covid-19 in the Eyes of Respondents: Example from Poland Sławomir Kalinowski and Oskar Szczygieł

  1. Introduction
    Anxiety is felt because of uncertainties beyond the individual’s control. Its intensity can range from high to low, shaping a person’s attitudes and future responses to new experiences (Halamska et al., 2021). Fear itself has a mobilisation and survival function, playing an important role in this context. The appearance of uncertain events can trigger reactions that become less rational, and normal functioning changes. One of the worries in recent years has been Covid-19, causing many people to re-evaluate their behaviour and force them to change their current coping strategies.
    This paper attempts to show the changes taking place in society’s behaviour as a result of changes in the perception of the risk associ-ated with the coronavirus. These changes have been demonstrated in the background of research on the socio-economic situation of the Polish…