Niespójność odczuć obiektywnych i subiektywnych ludności wiejskiej

Key words: standard of living, rural population, uncertain income, experience inconsistency Słowa kluczowe: poziom życia, ludność wiejska, niepewność dochodów, niespójność odczuć

A b s t r a c t. The aim of the paper is to answer the question, if the objective assessment of the standard of living influences life satisfaction (among members of the rural population) and if there is such an income level, above which the respondents achieve life satisfaction. The investigated group includes members of the rural population with uncertain incomes constituting people working on the basis of flexible employment contracts, the unemployed, those living on benefits or working in the grey market. A trial study was performed to specify positions of welfare presented as an objective dimension expressed in incomes as well as satisfaction of needs and a subjective dimension, which is the assessment of satisfaction with life and also satisfaction with the situation in Poland. The adopted attitudes depending on position of welfare and income position presented different life satisfaction levels.


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