Acta Scientiarum Polonorum: Oeconomia – POVERTY IN RURAL AREAS: AN OUTLINE OF THE PROBLEM


This article is an attempt to determine the level of poverty in rural areas in Poland. The author reviewed the most important publications on poverty and the indicators that determine its scale. Relative, objective and subjective poverty lines were used to present the range of rural poverty against the background of total poverty. Analyses showed that the at-risk-of-poverty rate for rural areas in Poland amounted to 21.2%. This means that almost every fifth rural resident is at risk of poverty, whereas every tenth resident is at risk of extreme poverty. The article also presents the rural areas in Poland which are at the highest risk of social exclusion. These areas were distinguished on the basis of the number of registered families receiving social benefits. Both Eurostat (EU-SILC) and Local Data Bank of the Statistics Poland (BDL GUS) were used.

Key words: poverty, rural areas, social exclusion

JEL codes:I31, I32, D31, D63